A Little About Our Chapter

We are the Amateur Radio Chapter (ARC) of the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA). This chapter enables our members to use their motor homes and radio equipment to enjoy the fellowship of friends with common interests, i.e. Motor Homing and Amateur Radio.  Our Amateur Radio activities enable us to keep in contact on a daily basis from around the nation be it from our motor home or our permanent home. 

How to become a Member

Become a Member today by downloading, saving, completing, and mailing (eMailing) the form

FMCA Amateur Radio Chapter Application

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New Feature Article

Towables now allowed into

Amateur Radio Chapter

FMCA ARC 2018 Spring Rally

My Airy, NC May 23-26, Depart May 27

Mayberry Campground Website



Dave (WB4OHV) & Beth

Dave (W3SJ) & Judy (KB3AAM)

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New Transmitter Available

The 2018 April Transmitter is now available.

Members must Sign In and go to the Chapter > Documents page to get it!

Transmitter Articles Due By July 15

Articles to be included in the next Transmitter need to be submitted to our editor, Carole (KB7VWA) at


Please volunteer your articles so that the Transmitter represents your involvement in the

FMCA Amateur Radio Chapter

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